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“Act!ve Lebanon" was originally created after the revolutionary movement that started on October 17th 2019 in Lebanon, where the protesters demanded a profound transformation, and faced violence by the Lebanese security forces against protesters and increased oppression of the freedom of speech.

More than 7 demonstrations were held in Oslo in front of Stortinget between 2019 and 2020 in solidarity with the Lebanese revolution and many other protests was held abroad. We, the Lebanese diaspora that lives in Norway, along with Norwegian activists, want to strengthen our unity and come together with sustainable and concrete ideas. The time has come rise for Lebanon, while the country is fighting off a pandemic, political unrest, an unprecedented economic crisis and famine all at the same time: Lebanese people have been suffering too much due to the corrupted elite, the dysfunctional national institutions, the constant electoral fraud, the absence or inadequate access to the basic needs (electricity, water, trash), the sky rocketing rates of unemployment, etc. In the recent months, Lebanon faced a massive economic collapse that has resulted in freezing of funds, as Lebanese banks do not allow their customers to access to their own money. The Lebanese pound has now lost 80% of its value which is the 3rd highest inflation rate in the world, causing mass emigration and rise of suicide cases as poverty and hunger increases. 

On top of that, half of Beirut, the Lebanese capital, and one of the biggest port of the Mediterranean sea, exploded in a huge blast on august 4th, 2020, that killed over 200 people and destroyed 300.000+ homes, many businesses, 130 schools and major hospitals.
In addition to having to rebuild their homes and businesses, the Lebanese, who also lost all of their savings in the banks, cannot afford to buy school supplies such as textbooks, pens, pencils or notebooks, nor to pay internet bills or buy computers for digital teaching. Students risk losing their places at schools and universities due to non-payment of application or tuition fees.
Active Lebanon is a Norwegian organization that advocates for the independence,
secularism, transparency, freedom and equality of the Lebanese people sustainably.


Active Lebanon is a Norway based non-profit organization that works to contribute with the Lebanese communities, and communities abroad in building a better Lebanon. Active Lebanon is politically and religiously independant and includes activists from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We mainly work to mainstream five essential values:

Freedom and equality

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Our aim is to unify skills and resources, create initiatives and projects that would help us to achieve a better Lebanon based on our  values and turn these ideas into reality. One cannot accomplish a project alone, Act!ve Lebanon aim is to bring many passionate and dedicated active members teamed up together.

We are dedicated to supporting and strengthening the Lebanese community in a free, equal, secular and sustainable country.