The explosion in Beirut is also devastating for the future prospects of Lebanese students. 80% of schools in Lebanon are at risk of closure, downsizing or reducing capacity. 130 schools were damaged in the explosion.

In the recent months, Lebanon has been subjected to a massive economic collapse. This has resulted in freezing of funds as Lebanese banks do not allow their customers access to and control over their own money. The Lebanese pound has now lost 80% of its value.

In addition, neither parents nor students can afford to buy school supplies such as textbooks, pens, pencils or notebooks, nor to pay internet bills or buy computers for digital teaching. Students risk losing their places at schools and universities due to non-payment of application fees, deposits or tuition fees.

This led to the creation of “Give hope through education”, an initiative by Act!ve Lebanon (for income for / in solidarity with) students in Lebanon who are currently suffering due to the situation. The raised money will be used to help students with the above mentioned causes.

To ensure the greatest possible transparency, the raised donations are transferred to a separate bank account, receipts and bills will be shared openly with the donors. When a student has applied for funding, we either pay tuition fees directly to the university/schools or assist “hand to hand” with the purchase of school equipment and materials such as computers, supplies, books, etc.

By donating money for food to the hungry people of Lebanon, you are fueling bodies and keeping them alive. By donating to help the students, you are giving hope through education – something that is essential for Lebanon’s vitality in the future.

With 150 kroner, you give a student a face mask.
With 350 kroner, you give a student a box with three notebooks, three pencils, three pens, a ruler, a small antibac bottle and a face mask.
If you give a little more, you give us the opportunity to cover tuition fees and application fees.
If you have used equipment lying around that could be useful for students – for example computers, tablets or hard drives, we can bring them down to Beirut to distribute them among students affected by the crisis. Contact us:

Thank you!