Act!ve Lebanon Team

Eva Benedikte Skogli
Styremedlem- PR og innholdsproduksjon
Eva spent the latter half of 2019 in South Lebanon as a solidarity worker with Platestinakomiteen and returned shorty after to stay in Tripoli. As a volunteer and activist, Eva has been involved in inclusion antiracism and international solidarity for many years. She has a bachelors' degree in human geography and Middle Eastern studies focusing on migration from UiO/AUC and have studied Arabic in various settings. Having returned to Oslo to study nursing, she is thrilled to partake in furthering this transnational movement and the diverse voices of Lebanon's future.
Nabil Safadi
Styremedlem- IT
Nabil works at Oslo Metropolitan University as a lead developer. He has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Oslo, with minors in economics and in mathematics. While studying, Nabil co-founded and was the vice president of the Arabic Student Union at the University of Oslo. Currently, Nabil is also a board member of the Solution and Integration Architecture group at the Norwegian Computer Society.
Elisar Sayegh
Styremedlem- Kommunikasjon og innholdsproduksjon
Elisar is a last year student in Development Studies at OsloMet with a personal interest in geopolitics and languages. The reason for her interest in Act!ve Lebanon is primarily due to her Lebanese heritage. Her parents had to leave the country because of the civil war and the economic problems created by the politicians that are until today in power. She wants to be a part of the new and fresh secular movement with today's generation that will be Lebanon's future.
Khaled Zaza
Styremedlem- PR og politiskenhet
Khaled Zaza is a Lebanese jurist and independent researcher specialized in internaitonal law and human rights (UiO). He is the founder of Zaza Consulting and supports various international research centers, lawyers and NGOs with projects related to the MENA region. Khaled has over 10 years' experience providing strategic and legal advice to businesses, organisations civil society movements. he is passionate about social impact, peacebuilding and education.
Nadia Debech
Styremedlem- Innholdsproduksjon og humanitærtarbeid
Nadia is a biotechnologist graduated from NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. She is currently working as a laboratory engineer at FHI (Folkehelseinstituttet=, Norwegian institute of public health (NIPH). Nadia is originally from Tunisia; from where she leaned to speak Arabic and French. From time to time, she also work as an interpreter. Since 2015, she has been volunteering with different NGO's in Norway like Red Cross, MSF and Refugees welcome to school and in Greece with Drop in the Ocean.
Marte Bramnes
Neste leder - PR og politiskenhet
Marte is a 3rd year student at the University of Oslo, studying Political Science with Arabic and Middle Eastern studies. She went to Lebanon on an exchange spring 2020, studying at LAU, and fell in love with the country. Marte has been an leftist activist for many years, and contacted Active Lebanon to arrange a solidarity action after the explosion in Beirut. That's how she got to know the organization.
Antoine Fadel
Styrets leder - Kommunikajon
Antoine Fadel is an architect and a sketcher. He has a master’s degree in architecture and took further education in development and transformation of the urban space. Now Antoine is based in Oslo and works with the preservation and development of cultural historical architecture in the public sector. Volunteering with Meghterbiin Mejtemiin (Lebanese United Diaspora), ARM-Anti Racism Movement -Lebanon gave me the inspiration to co-found Act!ve Lebanon.

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